About Funk Buddies

Funk Buddies are not a "wedding band". We are not a "cover band". We will not play YMCA or Love is in the air.

We are an 8 piece New Orleans style street funk band. We can play at your function but it will be different. Unique. People will notice that your event is not like every other event.

This is not to say that hiring the Funk Buddies is risky. Funk is a universal language. It puts the groove ahead of all else. Words don't matter. Every member of the audience feeling the uncontrollable urge to move or shake a part of their body - that matters.

And it is all done right in front of you. Eight humans with instruments combining to create an irresistible funk groove. No computers, no synthesisers. Real live music.

So if you want your function to be like everyone else's, google wedding bands. If not, read on.


Who are we?

The FUNK BUDDIES are 8 professional musicians from Melbourne, Australia. Between us there are many years of experience on stages and in studios, at festivals and functions, in dingy pubs and swanky clubs, in Melbourne, around the country and all over the world. Members of the band have shared the stage and studio with many local and international greats, at big events and on television. We make our living playing, recording, teaching, writing and arranging music. But when we want to let loose, we get together and unleash our favourite sound, New Orleans Street Funk.

What is New Orleans Street Funk?

New Orleans is known to most people as the birthplace of jazz. But as pop music took over the rest of the world, the New Orleans street bands were still doing their thing. They evolved too, influenced by ground breaking funk artists such as James Brown and Parliament. Bands took the music of the street into the Bourbon Street clubs. This down-to-earth back-to-basics brass driven funk spawned a whole new generation of bands and musicians, such as Trombone Shorty, the Youngblood Brass Band and the FUNK BUDDIES.

Our repertoire includes original music, along with tunes by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Youngblood, Funk Off, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson and more.

What makes us different?

We play music to make people move. It's not about us - We don't have introspective deep and meaningful lyrics, or play overly artistic self-indulgent solos. We play funk. Every tune is written with the sole purpose to maintain the energy in the room. Imagine walking into an Irish bar or a Latin club - you don't wonder what the musicians are playing about, you just enjoy the atmosphere. We create the same vibe, but with funk.

And, we don't use computers, synthesizers, auto-tuners, samples or any of that nonsense. It is just 8 guys with their instruments. There is no electronic substitute for good live music.

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On the stage

In the street

Hiring information

The Funk Buddies can perform in two different situations - on a stage or in the street.

On the stage

Funk Buddies have their biggest impact on the stage. With a PA system, full drumkit and all instruments amplified the sound reaches its full potential. This format is best suited to indoor events and outdoor concert stages. (See a video here)

In the street

Portable and versatile, the street setting of Funk Buddies takes the music back to its roots. Unencumbered by a PA system, the band are free to wander, and stop and play where appropriate. This setting is fantastic for outdoor events or indoors where a lighter sound or mobility is required. (See a video here)

A few things to note...

Due to the physically demanding nature of what we do, total performance time is limited to 90 minutes. This can be split into sets as required (2x45min, 3x30min etc).

With our street setup, we cannot play while moving. In order to maintain the full Funk Buddies sound, we use a portable drum kit and battery powered guitar amplifier that cannot be carried while playing.


     "We hired Funk Buddies for the main stage at the end of the 2011 and 2012 The Sunday Age City2Sea fun run. They were a pleasure to deal with and perfectly suited to the occasion. Their music was unique but approachable, high energy and great fun. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone."

Sarah Young
Fairfax Events

     "The Funk Buddies bring that New Orleans-style funk to the stage with a force... Impossible to watch without feeling the groove and making you smile."

Georgina Dawson
Functions Manager
The Order of Melbourne


Every gig is different. Call times, distance to travel, time spent playing, special requests and what PA gear is required mean that the best way for us to tell you a price is if you contact us with details of your event so we can best assess your requirements.

It is important to make it clear that music is our livelihood. You are asking 8 musicians to work for you, and if you've seen us play live you know we work hard. We cost more than a DJ. But live music is something special and we are worth it.

You should also note that hiring a PA system costs money too. If you are hiring us for an on stage gig, a PA system is necessary, and the size of the system depends on the room and number of people attending, which in turn affects the cost.

Lastly, if you are viewing this website on the advice of an entertainment agency, please do them the courtesy of making the booking through them.

Technical requirements

If you or a professional production company are providing a PA rig, we have an info sheet and stage plan available for download here.

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Request a quote

Please fill in the form below and we will be in contact soon. Alternatively, you can call Adam Arnold on 0404 868 105.